• Amanda Jo

Wine Crate Turned Bike Basket

I wanted a beach cruiser so bad, like one of those cute bikes with the basket on the front where I can carry my dog and maybe pick up a load of bread like the French do in the movies.

I lived in Germany and these bikes were very popular there, popular and expensive. But where else am I going to get a cool bike like this to carry my dog and loaves of bread?! 

To my surprise one of my dearest friends gave me this bike for my 30th birthday! I was beyond shocked, I was happy, I was elated....what is another word for excited?

I got on the internet right away looking for a cute basket for the front, I wanted to buy them all. Once I decided on one for the front, I had to have a cute one for the back, you know, to carry books and things.

I wanted something that was more of a crate than a basket. The more I searched the internet not finding what I wanted, I realized, I would make something myself. 

So...I did!

We all know I love wine! So naturally I had wine crates just sitting around. I grabbed a box I liked and decided this was it, I was going to make this my bike basket. So I stained it and it was awesome. "But what if it rains" I said to myself.

Thats when I decided the wood pieces I pried off the top could be made into lil doors. I installed hinges and handles and the rest is history. 

I am very proud of this wine crate bike basket. Almost makes you wanna go out and get a few groceries from the local mart, huh?!