• Amanda Jo

Pallet Coasters

Have you ever thought of making coasters that look like tiny pallets?  I did one day and it was so simple I want to share it with you.

All I needed was:

  • popsicle sticks

  • glue (I used a glue gun)

  • stain (I found these awesome stain wipes...easy peasy)

  • gloves (for the stain, unless you want stained hands)

  • scissors

and thats literally it.

you could potentially have all this laying around the house. 

 First you will want to cut all the little rounded ends off of your popsicle sticks so that your have straight edges. Then you take your stain wipes and wipe the sticks. Now they look dark and rustic.

After that you just glue them together to look like pallets, and voila... you have tiny pallets as coasters. Super simple to make and could make a great gift or nice table accent (with a purpose)