• Amanda Jo

How to make adorable signs with horrible handwriting

I have ave the worst handwriting, I am well aware of the reason I will never be a hand model.

Because really, my hands are fat and big and manly and chewing my finger nails sure doesn’t help. 

They are easy to hide on a first date: 

  • I can wear mittens 

  • I can say my hands are broke and I need casts

  • I can sit on them 

  • I can wave them around when I talk to prevent a real glimps of what I got going on there. 

I just won’t be one of those people who gets engaged and posts a close up of her hand on Facebook to show the worlds the rock my man just put on me. 

Anyhow, I am convinced my ugly hands are the reason my handwriting is not cute either. 

But I see all these people on Pinterest making these cute DIY signs with beautiful lettering and I’m like,

“I wanna do that!” 

I wanted to create my logo on a wood sign

I figured out a way.... Now I can! 

I made this right here

Wanna know how?

Well, you're in luck, cause I'm going to walk you through it. 

You are going to need a board,

any board and the magic is in this right here------->

which I bought here.

The first thing you need to do is find the image or words that you want to transfer to the wood. Print it off on an inkjet printer, BACKWARDS. 

Don't forget to flip your graphic so that it appears mirror image, this is important. 

(I actually e-mailed my graphic to myself, went to Office Depot and was able to enlarge the size and print it from their copier for about 10 cents. )

You are going to take the MOD PODGE and using a foam brush, paint the area of the wood sign that you want your image to transfer too. 

Place the image face down and again apply the MOD PODGE over top of the paper image until it is fully coated, let that dry. 

 Once that is dry you are going to need a sponge and a bowl of water. Soak the sponge in the water and gently rub over the image to saturate it, your image will begin to bleed through the paper for you to see it. You will carefully start to peel away the paper, rubbing with your wet fingertips. 

As you can see the paper starts to peel away. Do not push too hard with the sponge or you will remove the image, you want to continue this process gently and carefully until a majority of the paper is removed. You might see this white film left from the paper, don't worry, let the board dry and most of that white film should fade. If you still see white paper, continue to gently rub with the sponge and with your wet fingertips to remove as much as you can. 

Once it dries you can seal it with another coat of the MOD PODGE. Since I was creating my logo I put little dots of the of the MOD PODGE  around the text and sprinkled gold glitter over it, letting the glitter stick to the dots of MOD PODGE but shaking off the remaining glitter. 

This was my final result. 

I am pretty happy with the outcome. You can do this with text or images. If you try this, feel free to ask questions if you get stuck and share your designs with me, I would love to see them. You can tag me on Instagram @amandajo_Champagnejane

Hope you have as much fun doing this as I did, be creative.