• Amanda Jo

How I made a Ring Light for $18

Hey all, there is a ring light craze going on to get those stunning selfies. I looked around at some pretty cool ring lights, then I looked at the price! YIKES....these can be anywhere from $150 to several hundred. That's just crazy to me. 

But guess what?!

There is a DIY for that

I'm going to share with you just how I made this ring light and it works amazing and I didn't even spend a whole $20 bill.

The supplies I purchased:

15ft. White tube lights 

Naked wreath ring

2 rolls of Metallic ribbon (I used the whole first roll and about half of the second)

Things I had around my house:


Hot glue gun

Let's get started. 

First I took the wreath ring and the metallic ribbon and I glued one end of the ribbon on the wire and just began wrapping the ribbon around the wreath until the wreath was fully wrapped.

Then I took the tube lights and unraveled them. I pulled the plug through the ribbon on the wreath so the chord would come out the back and not be stuck in the front looking all tacky.

Then I used the glue gun and just started gluing down the lights around the front side of the wreath until it was all glued on. I wrapped it about 3 rows wide.

I tucked in the end so it looks nice (can you tell I am a perfectionist?)

And there you have it!

your very own ring light!

I thought hard about how to make a stand for it. You could very well attach it to a tripod if you have one my next through was to use PVC pipe, but I found some scrap wood in my basement instead. (See, all that trash picking pays off) I cut the dowel rod in half and gorilla glued it to the flat pieces for a base. I had some spray paint in my basement as well, so I painted it so it doesn't look like a mix match of crappy wood.


Then I just zip tied it to the dowel rods and now I have a stand ! Voila!

 Without the ring light                                            With ring light 

Happy crafting!