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5 Fun & Easy Wooden Home Decor Crafts-any mom can do

I consider myself a fairly crafty gal. In fact, within the last year I have become quite the crafty "mom". Some people think, once you become a mom your hobbies are on the back burner, and that may feel true in some cases but it is definitely important to keep your sense of self even when you feel out of your mind.

Especially now that I am a mom, I no longer find myself at Pier 1 or Pottery Barn purchasing cute stuff to decorate around the house. I find myself more in the bullseye section at Target or the local Dollar Tree.

But I still want all the cute decor, I just don't want to necessarily pay that much for it, so guess what?

You can make it yourself and I am going to show you how.


Here are 5 adorable home decor pieces made out of wood, no cutting involved.

1. Adorable Wooden Houses

These wooden houses are not only hassle free, meaning they are already cut to the shape, sanded and painted to look very shabby chic, you know, the whitewash look everyone loves these days.

I bought them right here. They were only $12.99 for 2 houses which I thought was a pretty good price point.

So I am a huge fan of these silkscreen transfers I discovered from Chalk Couture. Best part, they are washable and reusable. So none of that creating, cutting, weeding of stencils that are a one time use. I mean I love my Cricut and all, but this is so much easier and its painted on with Chalk paste instead of a vinyl applique. There is a transfer that works perfect with these houses, I got mine here.

You literally just use a squeegee to apply the chalkology paste, I literally have too many colors to choose from, some might call that a problem. So once the transfer is placed onto your wooden house, apply the chalk paste, squeegee it off, peel the transfer and you reveal a beautiful design.

With the use of a glue gun and some scrapbooking embellishments, I was able to add a little something extra

Check out the final product, looks like something out of a catalog. And my photo staging has significantly improved (you'll know what I mean once you see some of the other photos, ha ha)

2. Boho Garland- Wooden Tags

Most of my wooden surfaces I purchased from Chalk Couture, however I will continue to share the direct link just in case, plus its just easier. So here is where I got these wooden tags, again in that white wash look. And for $9.99 you get 6 tags already punched with a hole and includes the twine to hang them.

I used a boho tribal pattern on mine, but there are tons of other options like buffalo plaid, I do realize this bold color and crazy pattern might not be everyones style.

Let all those tags dry, and seriously it only takes a few minutes, this chalk paste drys quickly. If you are impatient thought, like me, you can use a hair dryer or a head gun to speed up the drying time. I then used a block font transfer, there are many font choices, to apply the word "PEACE". Of course you don't have to choose that word, you can put anything you want that fits your style.

I added some torn fabric pieces and ribbon in between each tag. But I do love the finished product. And the fact that it was very easy is a plus. YOu could hang these from your mantle, create one for a birthday decoration, really anything.

3. Let's get seasonal- Wooden Pumpkins

The wooden pumpkins are also ready to go, no sanding or painting needed. I also purchased little chalkboard chips to hang on the pumpkins. These come in black and white.

There is a pumpkin shaped transfer design that works perfectly with these, however, there are other textile designs you can utilize. I ended up using the buffalo plaid on mine.

Every season, Chalk Couture has these mini transfers that are perfect for the chalkable chips. So I used the Halloween minis for mine. Right now there is a really cute Valentines Day mini and Spring mini.

The finished piece displayed well with my "Happy Fall" sign I actually did use the pumpkin transfer on.

4. Festive Trees

The cool think about the wooden trees, is they came in a set of 3. Also, in my opinion you could decorate these trees for any season, does not have to be Christmas or holiday decor.

There is a transfer that goes with these trees and I actually did use that on this project, but again, there are so many designs you are not tied down to something that was meant to be, stepping outside the box is my favorite thing about these products. Your project can look completely different and original compared to someone else using the same wooden cutouts.

I used a shimmer paste on this one and the shimmer pastes have become my favorite, a staple used in most of my projects.

The best thing about these prepped wooden cutouts, is you can chalk on both sides of them, making them a reversible piece of home decor. Decorate these trees for Christmas and then do a more neutral design on the flip side to display during the rest of the year. No need to put this piece of homemade decor away.

5. Wooden Circle Board/Tray

I did not get this board at Chalk Couture, I get a lot of my craft items at Home Depot, Michael's and Hobby Lobby too. This board is from Home Depot and is a whopping $6.12, talk about a steal. You can get it here. It is a very high quality piece of Pine. Again, it is already sanded and shaped nicely. No fancy whitewash on this one, but thats okay because we are going to stain this. Don't be afraid of stain, just wear gloves, it is very easy to do though. I also got all my stain colors at Home Depot, I just get the tiny cans because none of my projects are very large that I would need more than that.

So here you see the boards are raw. I actually did this project as a class, which was super fun! We used foam brushes and throw away rags from Home Depot. Just paint on the stain with the foam brush, then proceed to wipe off the stain with the rag. The longer you leave the stain on, the more it will penetrate the wood.

After staining the boards, typically you would wait at least 24 hours for it to dry. In this case we waited about 30 minutes, the designs turned out great regardless. We used a variety of Chalk Couture transfers with Chalkology paste to design our boards. Everyone's was different and unique to their style, which I loved.

How beautiful! I also gave them the option to add handles, which gave it a different purpose. The handles I also got at Home Depot, making this project more of a tray or centerpiece.

Moms can craft too, trust me, I chase around a 1 year old and I still had time to make all of these. I like to call it chalk therapy, it's something I get to do that is just for me.

Please comment below if need any help or inspiration to create your new piece of home decor. Also, click here to get FREE access to tons of videos and DIY tutorials.

Happy Crafting Mama's